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Did you watch the movie Whiplash and think that maybe Fletcher had a point? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

“Not quite my tempo…”

The Right Stuff is an email that tells stories about careers and the economy

At some point in the last decade, writing about these topics took a wrong turn. It’s either pointlessly data-obsessed, forced through an increasingly narrow social lens, or simply counterproductive. Often it’s a combination of all three — and boring. Holy shit!

Most of what’s published is formulaic, self-serving, and people know it’s fake (even if they pretend to be excited by it on LinkedIn). Just a total disaster.

The Right Stuff aims to fix that through a combination of commentary and satire. The goal of this isn’t to self-promote or sell a course, it’s to share my views, entertain, and have a little bit of fun along the way. Maybe you like?

Emails go out two to four times a month.

Who am I?

In my day job, I recruit C-level business execs for private equity investors to help them buy-and-build manufacturing, services, and distribution companies.

My position has given me a unique view into how the world actually works. I feel pretty lucky tbh.

I’m also an avid reader. Tom Wolfe and Michael Crichton are my literary heroes and I’ll never say no to a good thriller novel.

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Essays and works of fiction on careers, the primacy of energy, and the impact of technology. With a style inspired by Tom Wolfe and Fletcher from Whiplash.


Executive Recruiter. Investor. Former PE guy. Tom Wolfe fan.